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Important Info



BEFORE setting up your Spring 2023 registration, please review the following document.

MAYS Registering Teams to Leagues

As we learned, this step is critical to the system working correctly for all of us.

  • If you have ANY questions or get stumped at any point in this process, please STOP and reach out to Jeff at
  • Remember that “CLUB” is Midland Area Youth Soccer, and “PROGRAM” is your Town/Club name.
  • You want to set this up under the “Town Travel” (Grade Based)” Play Level

2022-23 Mass Youth Soccer Age Groupings


Program Grade Requirements AND Born On or After
Grade 3/4 4th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2012
Grade 5/6 * 6th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2010
Grade 7/8 * 8th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2008
Grades 9/10 10th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2006
Grades 11/12/PG * 12th + 1 year or Lower AND 1/1/2003

*  MTOC  Grade Groupings – HS Age Groupings TBD for Spring 2023

MAYS will not permit any U7 (Grade 1) or younger players to play on a U10 team.

  1. MAYS will not permit any U9 (Grade 3) or younger players to play on a U12 team.
  2. MAYS will not permit any U10 (Grade 3 or 4) or younger players to play on a U14 or older team.
  3. U10 (Grade 3&4) player comprise less than 40% of a U12 (Grade 5&6) team and any town will only be permitted to have not more than two teams per gender with U10 players.


Quick Overview

Age Group   Game Length Min on Field Ball Size Min-Max Roster Size
Under 19   Two 45 Minute Halves 7 5 13-22
Under 16   Two 40 Minute Halves 7 5 13-22
Under 14   Two 35 Minute Halves 7 5 13-22*
Under 12   Two 30 Minute Halves 5 4 11-16*
Under 10   Two 25 Minute Halves 4 4 9-13*
* There is no roster size MAX for D3 at any age group in which there is a D3 bracket